Common Pest & How to Deal With Them

May 5, 2023


Nothing is worse than heading out to your garden and finding pest all over! Eating up your plants and produce. Below are few common pest and how to deal with them.

Spider Mites

These little guys are attracted to plants that have excess amount of nitrogen that turns the sap of the plants sweeter and attracts the spider mites. Nutrient deficiencies can lead to this issue and while we haven’t found a way to keep these guys out, but using a balanced fertilizer like our Plant Juice can help the plant will resistance to pest.

Using a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol is the best thing I’ve found and kills them on impact. Just wanna make sure you rinse your plant off afterward.


We’ve all dealt with these one time or another and know just how infuriating they can be. While they may multiply pretty fast, it's not hard to get ahead of these bugs. Aphids love the weaker plants and can tell which plants are failing a little more than the others. It's important to take care of your plants with nutrients and trim them.

Aphids can be hosed away or taken care of with organic pesticides. Don't want to use pesticides, ladybugs love aphids!

It is important to diversify your garden each year by rotating your crops to make sure that the aphids don't come back.


Similar to the spider mites, these little guys can only really disappear with constant care. Using a cotton pad with alcohol. The only real way to kill these buggers is to suffocate them.


These little green worm-looking guys can be found munching on the greenery of the plants and can be found mostly on their favorite plant, the tomato! They look like large green grubs and have a nice horn-like tail. They’re pretty easy to pick off the plant and toss aside. Unfortunately, this is one of the few ways to handle them but the best practice would be to diversify the garden each year as a way to deter these worms from coming back year after year.


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