Flushing Your Plants

August 30, 2022


Why Flush Your Plants

Outdoors, plants have access to rainwater that moves nutrients through the soil. Houseplants often receive a much gentler watering, and so minerals can build up in the soil. These can have harmful effects over time, so it’s important to flush them out occasionally!


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What plants might need it?

This is a process that should be done once every few months for optimal plant health. If your plant has been in the same soil for a long time, or is watered with tap water, this is especially important.

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How to flush our plants

There will be a lot of water coming out of your plants, so make sure to do this somewhere they can freely drain. You should water your plant slowly until water pours steadily out the bottom of the pot, then stop. Wait until the water stops flowing, then repeat the process. This should be done about four times, or until you have flushed about half of the pot’s volume worth of water through it. Then set your plant someplace it can drip dry for a few days, until the moisture levels return to normal in the soil!

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