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  • - 32 ounce bottle of Plant Juice

    - 32 ounce bottle of Bloom Juice

    - 16 ounce bottle of Plant Perfection

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  • - 32 ounce bottle of Plant Juice

    - 5 lbs. All Purpose Potting Soil

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    - Elm Dirt Measuring Glass (2 ounces)

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  •  - 32 ounce bottle of Bloom Juice

     - 2 lbs. Bloomin Soil

     - 5 lbs. All Purpose Potting Soil

     - Elm Dirt Measuring Glass (2 ounce)

     - Less than $0.05 each feeding

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Stop using Toxic-Synthetic Fertilizer that Hurt the Environment

The future of fertilizer is organic, sustainable, safe, and makes your plants grow like crazy

The Before

Toxic synthetic chemicals burning your plants

  • Kills everything in the soil except for the plant
  • Most nutrients don't go to the plant
    Contains only 3 nutrients
  • Manufacturing process is extremely destructive

The After

Easy, Chemical Free and Creates Thriving Plants

  • Builds up living soil and microbes for healthier plants
  • Safe for People, Pets, and Pollinators
    Contains over 50 micro and macro nutrients and 250 microbe species
  • Made from organic and sustainable ingredients in the USA

What our Products Can Do For Your Plants

Plant Juice - The Organic "Underground" Miracle that Creates Super Plants

Over 250 Species of bacteria and fungi that helps everything from promoting explosive growth to warding off pests. 

Plant Juice's biodiversity includes microbes that pull nitrogen from the air and make other typically unavailable nutrients useable for plants. Made from all natural ingredients like worm castings, our Plant Juice helps restore organic matter and grow resilient plants to use less water and withstand drought.

Bloom Juice - The Award Winning Flower, Fruit, and Vegetable Super Juice

Formulated with over 150 microbes specifically bred to trigger blooming and breakdown unavailable nutrients needed for flowering and fruiting. Our Bloom Juice also contains beneficial non-plant food ingredients that help with nutrient transport and help plants use nutrients more efficiently.

By using a different fertilizer mechanism, our products keep nutrients where your plants need them, delivers them as plants request them, and keep nutrients out of where they aren't supposed to be!

Plant Perfection - The Armor for Your Plants

Do you plants ever look dull? How about dusty or hard water spots? Do you have problems with bugs? Plant Perfection gives your plant an all-natural shine. It helps repel dust and get rid of pesky hard water spots to increase photosynthesis as well as getting rid of pesky pest and their eggs.

Ancient Soil - The Slow-Release Nutrient and Biological Super Food

Take your soil back to ancient times when everything grew easily. Ancient Soil contains the earth's natural ingredients from volcanos to oceans, to worm casting.

Our Ancient Soil contains over 600 different species of microorganisms that become your master gardeners by delivering nutrients and protecting your plants from bugs, disease, and drought.

Add it to your favorite soil and watch your plants thrive.

Bloomin Soil - The Miracle Top-Dress that Creates the Ideal Blooming and Fruiting Environment

Designed to introduce essential nutrients to help the blooming phase of plants last longer. Bloomin' Soil is designed to deliver the right nutrients at the right time to create flowers, fruits, and vegetables like you've never seen before.

Our Amended All Purpose Potting Mix

We combine our Ancient Soil with our blend of organic ingredients crafted to supply the plant with beneficial nutrients creating a living potting soil. Our potting mix is specifically formulated for plants' specific needs.

It's the perfect, well drainage potting mix for all your indoor and outdoor plants! 

Rebuild The Living Soil that Traditional Fertilizer Kills

Traditional fertilizer kills all of the plant's natural defenses that keep them from growing to their full potential.

Get 20-30x the Nutrients with the 

Secondary Root System

Nearly 2/3 of the fertilizer you use at home goes to waste. This means that your $15-$20 bottle of synthetic costs you $45-$60 just because your plant's root system can't absorb the nutrients.

A true living soil creates a secondary root system using fungi. This is called the mycorrhizae. It allows up to 20-30x the nutrient uptake compared to the normal plant's root system.

This secondary root system increases the effective surface area of the plant's roots by 10x, and it can absorb 2-3x more nutrients per root length and allows your plants to grow like you've never seen before.

It can hold significantly more water, nutrients, and alert the plants of pests or pathogens when the plants need it creating much more drought resistant and hardy plants.

Use a Living Soil to Unlock the 

Avatar Effect

When you have a true living soil everything is interconnected. Plants, fungi, and bacteria are all living together and protecting each other creating a stronger ecosystem. We call this the Avatar Effect.

This is how you really get plants to thrive. Even if you have one plant per pot, the fungi, bacteria, and the plant roots create a much healthier and plants and let's them grow like weeds while warding off pests and disease

An army of microorganisms are there to help your plants grow. 

Allowing them to concentrate on growing rather than struggle and us excess amounts of energy to get the nutrients they need and protect themselves.

What can 14 Days Do To Your Plants?

This concentrated growth formula takes the best of sustainable agriculture, permiculture, and Korean natural farms and puts it in your hands.

The unique micronutrient AND probiotic formulation energizes house plants, flowers, trees, shrubs, lawns, cacti, veggies, and anything else that grows by...

  • Accelerating root, stem, and leaf growth in seedlings...
  • Jumpstarting slow-growing house plants and bringing yellowish plants back to life…
  • ​Revitalizing wilted plants suffering from heat stress…

It's Fertilizer Reimagined

Imagine a fertilizer that you don't have to worry about burning your plants with.

Made with a "Roots First" mindset, the beneficial microbe rich formula works underground by strengthening and protecting your plants from harm in a way old and traditional fertilizer can't.

By building up the essential microorganism environment in the soil that traditional fertilizers kill off.

Allowing you to knows a feeling of garden accomplishment and pride that you may never have dreamed before.


Thousands of Raving Fans

Ease of Use

New Plant Growth

Drought Resistance

Root Growth

Value For Money







Tomatoes 🍅 shot up a foot and half in just a few weeks using the plant juice! Even the slow growing plants like the macadamia nut tree doubled its leaves since using the plant juice! Number of bugs is next to zero compared with last year using chemical fertilizer. I did get more bumblebees than last year as well. Everything is really beautiful and healthy. Both bananas are really healthy grown a foot taller.

Verified purchase

Suzanne M.

I have never seen my hibiscus grow so fast and fall in a short amount of time when I used plant juice for the first time. This product is absolutely amazing!

Verified purchase

Teri C L.

See for yourself how awesome the strawberries and chives responded to the Plant Juice!

Verified purchase

Tobias G.

I only used it three times awesome stuff I plan on reordering when I get low I do recommend this for all kinds of plants and I mean all kinds of plans LOL

Verified purchase

Nancy S.

This the best vegetable garden yet!! Even though my tomato plants have a virus it’s still producing leaves and fruit. My long sweet pepper plants are 5’ high. Wow

Verified purchase

Skip M.

The Plant Juice is a super booster! I used it on all of our baskets of summer flowers and the results were phenomenal. Best of all it’s the middle of September and they still look great. I will be ordering more to keep our houseplants thriving over the winter. 😎🌱🌿

Verified purchase

Take advantage of our Unconditional

"Triple Guarantee"

Try Our Products for a full 180 days

If you do not see your plants growing better than ever

OR: If you do not find our service and attention to your satisfaction

OR: Hey, even if you don't like our thank you card in the box!

If you are not 100% satisfied in EVERY way, We'll gladly refund your purchase price: No questions asked, no hassles, and no hard feelings.

You could grow with Elm Dirt's products for the next 6 months and then return it and you'll get your full money back. Though we promise you, you'll be hooked when you see all the new growth happening with your plants.

New growth is sexy, so yeah, we got some of that.


Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help!

The main differences between our products

Our Plant Juice is a great all-stage-of-life fertilizer for almost every plant, and can be used to promote root, leaf, and stem growth. Our Bloom Juice is specifically formulated to enhance flowers, fruits, and vegetable growth with bigger and healthier produce.

Nutrient-wise, Plant Juice (and its counterpart Ancient Soil) provide your soil with nitrogen and potassium, while our Bloom Juice (and its counterpart Bloomin' Soil) give phosphorus, magnesium, and calcium. If you know what your soil needs, you can determine what to use and when to apply.

Dilution instructions for Plant Juice

For all Houseplants mix 1-2 oz of Plant Juice with 1 gallon of dechlorinated water*. Apply once a week/every other watering.

For Gardens/Outdoor Flowers mix 2-3 oz of Plant Juice with 1 gallon of water. Apply once a week.

For Shrubs mix 3 oz of Plant Juice per gallon of water. Apply one a month.

For Lawns mix 3 oz of Plant Juice per gallon of water. Apply when needed.

For Trees mix 1 cup of Plant Juice per inch tree diameter with one gallon of water. Apply twice a year, once in the Spring and once in the Fall.

What is dechlorinated water?

Dechlorinated water is water that has gone through the process of removing chlorine from water. To get dechlorinated water, leave water out for 24 hours or purchase distilled water from the store. We recommend dechlorinated water for the best results when diluting our product to maximize microbial activity.

Can I use a hose attachment to water my outdoor plants?

You can definitely use an attachable fertilizer sprayer to care for your lawn or garden. I would suggest adding our concentrated product to the reservoir of the sprayer and allowing the hose to do the work. If you have a sprayer with an adjustable setting, I recommend using it on a low medium setting, or around 2 - 3 ounces per gallon.

If you think you are using too much product too quickly or you don't have an

adjustable sprayer, you can dilute it down to half water half Plant Juice/Bloom Juice in the reservoir. We also recommend trying to aim for the soil and not directly over your plants.

Can I combine your products?

Yes, there are a few ways you can combine these products. If you would like to, you can mix them both into a gallon of water together. If you do this, you will want to half the dilution of both, i.e. if you were going to add 2 ounces, use 1 ounce of Plant Juice and 1 ounce of Bloom Juice. Or, you can alternate between the Plant Juice and Bloom Juice every time you feed.

Some people follow the plant's life cycle, where as it is growing they apply

Plant Juice, and then when it is blooming/fruiting, they switch the Bloom

Juice. This works best for shrubs, trees, fruits and veggies, or cannabis


You can use the Ancient Soil or Bloomin' Soil with our liquid products as well and using Bloomin' Soil with Plant Juice will help feed your plant all of the necessary nutrients for amazing growth.

Why are their clumps inside of my Plant Juice/Bloom Juice?

The clumps inside of our liquid products are part of their development process. These are worm castings or other bits of our ingredients floating in the liquid, and is completely normal. We encourage you to shake it up and it will break up the clumps before use.

Why does our product have such a potent smell?

You may notice that your Plant Juice/Bloom Juice has a very strong smell when you open the bottle, similar to rotten eggs or sewage. This is especially prevalent in the summertime. This is completely normal, and why we recommend opening your bottle outside or in a well ventilated area.

The smell is due to the gas release of the microbes inside of the liquid. It is an indicator of a very healthy, living fertilizer, and just means the microbes inside are very active. Once the gas is released the first time, and the product is stored in a cool, dark place, the smell will subside substantially. Once your product is mixed with water and applied to soil, the smell will be completely gone.

Can I change my ordered after placing it?

Yes, as per our return/refund policy, you will be able to change your order as long as we have not fulfilled it yet. Please send us an email using our Contact Us page with the full name and email address used to place the order, as well as your order number and what you would like to change. 

When can I expect my order?

We normally ship out order next business day with UPS ground shipping. It normally takes 2-4 days to reach your door depending on 

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