Gardeners Gift

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Gardeners Gift is perfect for your flower garden and blooming fruits. Pot your flowers in enriched all purpose potting soil. Top dress your garden with bloomin' soil to slowly release nutrients when you watering your plants with Bloom Juice.


Gardeners Gift includes:

 - 32 ounce bottle of Bloom Juice

 - 2 lbs. Bloomin Soil 

 - 5 lbs. All Purpose Potting Soil

 - Elm Dirt Measuring Glass (2 ounce)

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What In This Kit

All-Purpose Potting Soil

All-Purpose Potting Mix is enriched with Elm Dirt Ancient Soil. A blend of organic ingredients crafted to supply the plant with beneficial nutrients creating a living potting soil. Our potting mix is specifically formulated for plants' specific needs. Use less water and water less frequently!

Bloomin' Soil

Bloomin' Soil was specifically designed to introduce slow-release essential nutrients to help the blooming phase of plants last longer. Enhance your soil with a top dressing of our Bloomin' Soil to ensure larger and bigger blooms!

Bloom Juice

Formulated with over 150 microbes specifically brewed to trigger blooming and breakdown unavailable nutrients needed for flowering and fruiting. Our Bloom Juice also contains beneficial non-plant food ingredients that help with nutrient transport and help plants use nutrients more efficiently using a different fertilizer uptake mechanism. Our products keep nutrients where your plants need them, delivers them as plants request them, and keep nutrients out of where they aren't supposed to be!

Elm Dirt Measuring Glass

2 oz Stainless Steel Measuring Glass

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