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Are you looking to update your indoor jungle with a gorgeous easy-to-care plant(s)? Elm Dirt Mystery Plant Box is what you are looking for! This box contains a mystery plant(s) that is delivered to your home every 3 months or just one time. Great for new plant parents and plant experts!


  • Plants varieties will change quarterly (every 3 months)
  • Plant(s) pot size can range from 4" diameter - 6" diameter - 8" diameter
  • The number of plants per box can range from 1-3 plants 
  • We will provide you with an in-depth plant care card
  • Includes an 8-ounce bottle of our Plant Juice (fertilizer)


You will be charged right away after your purchase for either our one-time mystery plant box or our yearly mystery plant box subscription. Emails about shipping and tracking will be sent out on the date of the estimated shipment date. Below we have estimated shipping days available.

We suggest waiting 3 days before reaching out to us about your plant, so it has time to perk back up after traveling. We hope you have everything you need inside. If you have any questions or concerns about your plant, please contact us at


Some plant(s) in our Mystery Box may cause mild irritation if eaten by your pet(s). If the plant(s) can cause mild irritation to your pet if ingested information will be given on the care card. All pet-friendly plants will have "Pet-Friendly" stickers on them. We will never ship out plants that care seriously harm your pet(s)!


If your plant is wilted or looking down after shipment please allow three days before reaching out to our plant care team at 


  • Shipping Policy 
  • Estimated Shipping Days
  • Cancellation & Refunds

Below are our estimated shipping days for the one-time purchase and the yearly Mystery Plant Box. The weather may delay estimated shipping days, if this happens emails will be sent out in advance. We will always ship out the plant with the plant's needs in mind to ensure they arrive safely. Once we start packing your plant(s) you will receive an email with tracking information. If you have any questions about shipping please email us at

September Estimated Shipping Day: 09/19/2022

December Estimates Shipping Day: 12/12/2022

February Estimated Shipping Day: 02/06/2022

May Estimated Shipping Day: 05/08/2022

If you have any issues please contact us at

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Plant Plants Plants!

Plant(s) in our Elm Dirt Mystery Box will be the perfect addition to your in-home jungle! All the plant(s) are easy-to-care for. Perfect for a first time plant parent, or experience plant parents that just need one more plant ... Right! Plants will range from Philodendron, Anthuriums, Hoyas and Calatheas but it will always be a MYSTERY! 

Yearly Mystery Plant Box Subscription - If you purchase our yearly mystery plant box you will receive a plant(s) every 3 months for the next year. Receiving 4 mystery boxes in a year after purchase. Year mystery plant box will be a one time payment. No worry about mystery charges!

One-time Mystery Plant Box - If you purchase your one-time mystery plant box you will receive a mystery plant box from us! No recurring payments.

Need care tips for your plants? We can help, click on the link to get access to our in-depth Plant Care Guide 

Mystery Box Fans

I received a Monstera Ginny and Swiss Cheese. These will be a perfect addition to my plant wall! Both plants were packaged so well, and the paper towel was still damp after travel. Don't think those plants moved around much.

So happy I got three new plants! I wasn't expecting three. I received a Silver Philodendron, Brazil Philodendron and Philodendron Micans. All plants arrived with a damp towel. Thank you for the care card! I'll need it!

I received a Alocasia Nebula, and it is so much bigger then I thought it would be. It's GOURGOUES! 

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