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Red Wiggler Earthworms - Eisenia Fetida

Red Wiggler Earthworms - Eisenia Fetida

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Eisenia fetida (Red Wiggler) worms. These worms are specifically bred to be used in worm bins to decompose normal household food and paper waste. Each worm consumes its body weight each day in waste and turns it into gardening gold! The worms produce worm castings, which are nutrient rich dirt containing beneficial microbes. The nutrients in this dirt are in forms readily available to plants and the microbes help protect the plants from certain plant diseases.

Once you receive your worms, place immediately in a worm bin. Leave the lid open under a bright light for 24 hours to help your worms get accustomed to their new home. We also include some tips and tricks with each order of worms to help you get started. If you have more questions, feel free to send us a message!

*We ship our worms via 2 day shipping and not over the weekend to ensure worms arrive alive

While we do our best to ensure the worms are well packaged before they ship, we cannot control what happens during shipping but we will take care of you and our worms no matter what. Our live delivery guarantee means that if your worms do not arrive alive, we will either reship you more worms or refund your order. 

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